June 18, 2019
With about three decades’ experience giving advice and counsel to business clients of all types, it is just a simple fact that Nick Assef’s extensive body of work experience has been very lucrative for everyone who has hired him and/or his firm, Lincoln Crowne and Company, over the years. He has a ton of experience in the corporate and investment world, of course, but he also has a lot of experience and skill as a lawyer and even as a professor in the world of academia.

That last part seems to surprise some people, in part because he is so dedicated to the corporate world these days, especially the world of negotiation. He and his firm are well known worldwide for being among the most innovative and tenacious negotiators anywhere, as well as a team that always places the needs of clients ahead of their own. However, you can’t dismiss his academic record. Nick once served on the legal academic staff at both Bond University and Macquarie University, putting in almost as much time there as he spent working with key players in the Australian financial services sector.