December 22, 2022
Back in the day, when Nicholas Assef founded Lincoln Crowne & Company Pty. Limited, he did so because he wanted to create a firm that provided clients with the best possible investment banking services available any way. These days, he has a reputation as a “tenacious” negotiator and Lincoln Crowne is considered one of the most prominent investment banking firms in the world, especially in the Australian and South East Asian markets.

Nicholas Assef is still with the firm, serving as a Senior Analyst and Executive Director. From those positions, he continues to hone the considerable skills he has gained over the course of more than two decades, especially in joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions and due diligence. His experience in the corporate world, as well as his background as a lawyer, have given Nicholas Assef the skills to become the shrewd negotiator and advisor he has become. His approach is different, in that he knows how to get the job done and he is willing to be innovative in that pursuit. For example, he likes to apply "game theory" in his negotiations because he believes that often secures the best client outcome.
June 22, 2022
In his growth to become a renowned investment banker and founder of Lincoln Crowne, Nicholas Assef amassed a significant education. Beginning with his Bachelor of Laws, achieved with honors in 1992, Assef earned this accolade from Bond University Law School with the assistance of a partial academic scholarship. He also gained his Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice in 1992 from the University of Technology in Sydney. Continuing at Bond University, Assef graduated in 1995 with his Master of Laws with an emphasis on corporate/takeover law. He attended Harvard Business School, completing a postgraduate module in valuation in 1995. Nick Assef then completed his MBA with a major in game theory and corporate finance in 1998 from the William E Simon Graduate School of Business at the University of Rochester in New York.
December 19, 2019
Lincoln Crowne & Company is not a newcomer to the industry of business solutions and corporate strategic development. They provide high quality business solutions with the aim of maximising shareholder value for their corporate clients. It is not typical for corporate clients to engage their firm for a mergers and acquisitions service, it is rather more common for those clients to seek out Lincoln Crowne & Company because they knows that the company can achieve a certain outcome for them.

The approach that Lincoln Crowne & Company takes to their work is first and foremost tenacious—they work hard and they deliver dynamic solutions to even the most challenging problems and transactional opportunities. Giving their clients the best possible shareholder value is the central aim of what Lincoln Crowne & Company does.

Lincoln Crowne & Company was founded in Sydney, Australia. It was established by businessman and entrepreneur Nicholas Assef, who saw a need for an independent boutique investment bank and strategy corporate advisory firm. This company has operations in both Sydney and Hong Kong, along with affiliate branches all over the world, including in Boston, Malaysia, Singapore, India, and Vietnam. The company's global reach has resulted from the respect it gets due to high quality services. Their adherence to their core principles has also allowed them to be as successful as they are. The firm exists to deliver deal making experience to its clients, as well as providing sound commercial and financial judgment, innovative thinking, and clear independent advice.
June 18, 2019
With about three decades’ experience giving advice and counsel to business clients of all types, it is just a simple fact that Nick Assef’s extensive body of work experience has been very lucrative for everyone who has hired him and/or his firm, Lincoln Crowne and Company, over the years. He has a ton of experience in the corporate and investment world, of course, but he also has a lot of experience and skill as a lawyer and even as a professor in the world of academia.

That last part seems to surprise some people, in part because he is so dedicated to the corporate world these days, especially the world of negotiation. He and his firm are well known worldwide for being among the most innovative and tenacious negotiators anywhere, as well as a team that always places the needs of clients ahead of their own. However, you can’t dismiss his academic record. Nick once served on the legal academic staff at both Bond University and Macquarie University, putting in almost as much time there as he spent working with key players in the Australian financial services sector.